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Life Settlement and Insurance Services From David Mickelson We are a life settlement company and life insurance broker that specializes in providing financial services to seniors and their advisors. Our first focus is to gain a solid understanding our clients needs and their concerns. With this knowledge we can then provide tailored, professional advice. We have the industry’s best life settlement brokers who have years of experience handling insurance settlements for seniors. Our professional and committed team ensures that seniors and their advisors understand the various intricacies of the life settlement process and keep the entire process transparent. Our mission is to get the best insurance settlement for seniors and help them achieve maximum advantage from this asset. We can also assist with additional financial services in the area of insurance planning, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Our life settlement company, provides a free professional life settlement and life insurance evaluation. (learn more…)   Senior Life Settlement Testimonial “Our experience with David Mickelson Insurance Services was excellent in every way. We were very well pleased with the treatment we received from David and his employees.” (more testimonials…) About Life Insurance Settlements A Life Insurance Settlement is a financial transaction where investors buy an existing in force life insurance policy, and obtain the right to collect the death benefit when the insured person dies. (learn more…) Professional Life Settlement Services The Mickelson Life Settlement Company has a successful track record for providing best in class life settlement services. We frequently work with financial professionals and welcome inquiries about how a strategic alliance may benefit clients and add a new revenue stream to existing professional services. At our life settlement company, we assist Lawyers, CPAs, Financial Planners and other professionals with a broad range of clients’ needs. We are proud to say that our professional network uses us time and again due to the outstanding life settlement services and results we achieve. For any issues, concerns or needs regarding life insurance settlement, insurance settlement for seniors, or life insurance and estate planning, our insurance settlement brokers are here to help.(learn more…)

Disclaimer: Life Settlement prices and returns are based on numerous factors. Actual results will vary. The number of bidders for a policy may be limited; proceeds from sales of similar policies may vary and may be subject to claims of creditors. Receipt of proceeds may impact eligibility for government benefits and entitlements. Prior to sale, the insured should consider the continued need for coverage, impact to estate plans, availability of insurance, cost of comparable coverage, tax implications. Some or all of the proceeds of a life settlement may be taxable under federal or state income tax laws. Advice from a professional tax advisor is recommended. Mickelson Capital Consulting does not provide tax or legal advice.